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Recently, I accepted the position of CEO at a TLV-based startup that helps new moms with one of the biggest problems facing those moms that choose to breastfeed. A number of my friends and colleagues asked me – “why”? (“I mean, you are not a mom…”)  Here’s why:

This story is not about me – but I am sure that just about every new parent – and specifically new mothers – go through some form of this on Baby #1 (and beyond).

When Michael, our firstborn, was born – it was clearly the most magical, happiest time of our lives. We laughed and smiled and stood in that daze of awe that surrounds new parents seeing the miracle of the creation of life and all the things that “went right” to make a beautiful, healthy baby.

And then we went home.

And we were still on that high – but I clearly remember my wife, Judy, being most-of-all, tired. Very tired.

Judy had insisted – natural childbirth all the way.  No epidural.  And breastfeeding only.  Despite the constant insistence of the medical professionals in the hospital – “your baby is hungry”, “you should let us give him a bottle – just to fill him up”, “just to quiet him down”. This seemed to me at the time, very problematic.

You must understand that Judy had lots of other help – from her mother.  From my mother.  From lactation specialists. (Perhaps too much help?)  And they all helped encourage her that everything is fine.  Breastfeeding will work.  Just trust in the miracle of life and the process that surrounds it.

And then, just a few days into our new family life, doubt started creeping in. Perhaps it was always there. But it started to surface in the worst way possible. Judy doubted her ability to provide enough milk from breastfeeding alone. Michael (we call him Michi) was crying all the time.  We wondered whether it was because he was still hungry. He was definitely not sleeping.  Definitely not quiet or settled. And then Judy started questioning her ability to provide for her child.

Many hours I sat there.  Helpless and without anything to do but support, “be there”, and encourage. Although I realize that my encouragement and positivity probably was no use at all. Judy was frustrated and started turning in on her herself. She truly believed that there was something wrong with her!!!  

Our story ends the way so many stories end.  The mother gives in to her own, self-induced pressures (or perhaps external ones) and very shortly started supplementing feeds with Stage 1 formula – which, of course, no doubt impacted the breastfeeding even more. Equally bad yet often ignored, it also impacted Judy and her own recovery and she suffered deeply from PPD.

Shortly thereafter, Judy and I asked ourselves millions of times – why doesn’t a product exist that can measure the amount of milk a baby gets from breastfeeding? This would have solved so many of the anxieties – just knowing the milk intake! “It should not be too hard to create such a thing”. Well, it turns out that it is not that easy… but that product now exists.  And when I saw it for the first time, I knew where I had to be.  They had me at “Mom”


Ken Zwiebel, CEO IsenseU


…A few amazing kids later…

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