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Game Changing Patent Technology Gives Nursing Moms Peace-of-Mind

Breastfeeding is one of the most naturally beautiful wonders of the world, and has been highly recommended for mothers and babies for decades. Yet, the number one reason why many mothers who choose to breastfeed soon give up, is because of the fear that their little one is not getting enough milk. Meet IsenseU, a cutting edge technology that rises to the challenge with a transforming new product every nursing mother will want by her side.

If you are about to step into motherhood or are a new mother, you no doubt appreciate that nursing mothers do their very best and take charge of their newborns’ wellbeing. Breastfeeding, although wonderfully natural, can produce side effects of anxiety and the need to second-guess if baby really is getting enough milk. The IsenseU Smart Breast Feeding Meter will provide the assurance you need and empower you and other new moms with the knowledge you want and deserve for peace of mind.

Millennial moms today are highly motivated to breastfeed and bond with their babies. They are technologically advanced and can access the latest research on infant care, at their fingertips. Nonetheless, women today continue to not nurse their babies for long enough. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that mothers should exclusively breastfeed their babies until the age of six months. Current data shows that in spite of the fact that 80% of new mothers are enthusiastic about breast feeding, 50% of nursing mothers stop within their first six weeks. This is where the Smart Breast Feeding Meter innovation minimizes the most common maternal fear:

“Is my baby getting sufficient breast milk?”

By monitoring and tracking, in real time, how much milk your baby consumes during each nursing session, you will feel confidant knowing the amount your little one has consumed to grow and thrive. You will also be able to identify each swallow sound and follow your baby’s feeding patterns as time passes. The product consists of an easy-to-navigate smartphone app and earphones that contain an embedded baby safe sensor. These enable you to listen to your baby’s voice swallow sounds. Together these measure how much milk your baby is consuming while nursing. The application will provide real time reports and track your nursing patterns. Additional features include a feeding diary with volume and weight progress, detailed breastfeeding tips and a unique vocal album to share with your loved ones. Use IsenseU while breastfeeding in your most comfortable and natural way, while switching your phone to ‘airplane mode’ for absolute safety.

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Breastfeeding has never felt easier with IsenseU. After more than three years of research and development, IsenseU is now considered the next big thing in breastfeeding, and is revolutionizing the nursing experience. Dr. Osnat Emanuel, IsenseU CEO, explains that “Breastfeeding is a significant period for both mother and baby. We want to create a breastfeeding experience that gives mothers a sense of calm and confidence, and so encourages her to continue breastfeeding.”

Not only can this unique innovation be shared on registry lists, but can also be a much appreciated gift for baby showers. Light and compact, the product can be used safely anytime, anywhere, and the application (available on Apple App Store and Google Play) is user-friendly and ready to start with just one click.

IsenseU will enhance and help prolong the breastfeeding journey for moms.


The product promises to give nursing moms the information they have always wanted. Enjoy the natural feeling of breastfeeding and feel closer and more connected to your newborn using IsenseU. Breastfeeding has never felt easier.

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