Nadine Bubeck – Five Nursing Must-Haves

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This article originally appeared in Arizona Foothills Magazine online on June 10, 2016.


Power to the breastfeeding mom. If nursing didn’t work out for you- no worries, but if you’re all about the boob, I thought you might be interested in learning about some nursing aids you might not know about. Because, let’s face it, nursing is a beautiful challenge meant to be enjoyed. I often doze off mid-feed.


1. Get comfortable

And by that, I mean stock up on the obvious: a rocker/glider, nursing pillow (like the Boppy), a side table (for water), and anything else that will keep you cozy (blankets, pillows, etc). Nursing stools are also available, making for an affordable foot rest.


2. Get peace of mind with IsenseU

Wish this existed years ago for use with my firstborn! The majority of new moms are inevitably concerned with: is my baby eating enough, not knowing how much milk is being digested. This new and innovative breastfeeding meter provides moms with real time knowledge of their baby’s milk intake and nursing habits. The IsenseU earphones connect to your smartphone and digitally measure how much your baby is nursing- you can even listen to voice clips of your baby’s feeding voices. The digital reports keep track of your baby’s feeding patterns, giving you much needed peace of mind. Compact and safe- under $100.


3. Get something to keep you busy

Nursing sessions can last a few minutes…or a few hours. And I’m guilty as charged letting my baby fall asleep at the boob for an extended naptime. Take advantage of this quiet time. You won’t have it again for years – trust me!


4. Get some nursing attire

No, you don’t have to invest in pricey tops and tanks with built-in nursing bras, even though that is, in fact, a mainstream option. I favor affordable spaghetti strap tanks that are easy to pull up or down. Plus, if anything happens to stain, I don’t fret, knowing I didn’t break the bank with fashionable breastfeeding attire.


5. Get stuff to keep you “maintained”

Chapped nipples…a real thing. I never thought I would actually need nipple cream, but I did, and you might too. There are plenty of options to choose from, most of which, are safe should baby make mouth-to-cream contact. And here’s a tip- use any leftover cream as lip balm! It does wonders!


Nadine Bubeck is a multi-media personality, author, blogger, fashion designer, keynote speaker and blessed boy mom. The TV News anchor turned all things mama contributes to numerous publications and is often utilized on TV as a parenting contributor. She is the founder and owner of All Things Mama Media, LLC, the parent company for All Things Mama TV, and Mama B. Designs (, a boutique apparel line for boy mamas and mama’s boys. She is also a proud brand ambassador for IsenseU, Inc. Her book,, has been featured on TV stations nationwide.


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