Could this gadget solve moms’ #1 breastfeeding challenge?

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For new moms who are tackling the uncharted territory of breastfeeding, one of the biggest challenges is determining whether your baby is getting enough milk.

Bottle feeding is pretty straightforward when it comes to calculating how much your baby is eating. But how, exactly, are you supposed to gauge the amount of milk your newborn is suckling from your breast? A revolutionary smart breastfeeding meter solves this common dilemma for new parents.

It’s called MomSense — and this nursing mama thinks it sounds simply amazing!

The Israeli startup has invented a device that looks like a normal pair of headphones plugged into a smartphone or tablet. However, there’s also a piece that attaches to the skin right below baby’s earlobe. What happens is the sound of your baby’s swallowing is amplified while she nurses. Animation on your screen displays baby’s sucking and swallowing patterns and at the end of each nursing session, the app tells you precisely how much milk your baby drank.

“We think that it’s a lot more than just a milk consumption meter,” said MomSense CEO (and a medical doctor,) Osnat Emanuel. “It allows a mom to develop a sense of how her baby is feeding. In one or two sessions, she knows to identify how her baby’s swallow sounds.”

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