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Nursing might seem like a one-woman show at times, but a few handy aids can make it more of a collaborative effort.

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  1. Lactating will leave you thirsty, so have a high-capacity water bottle on hand. bkr 1-liter bottle, $45
  2. Earphones for mom, a sensor for baby and a smartphone are all you need to get real-time reports on your munchkin’s milk intake. IsenseU smart breastfeeding meter, $89
  3. This puppy-shaped nursing pillow may just become your best friend. The Wunders Company nursing pillow, $35
  4. Pump, store, warm and feed expressed breast milk in a single pouch. Three cheers for less mess and a more streamlined process! Kiinde Twist gift set, $100
  5. You’re not off the hook for popping a daily pill just yet—include a breastfeeding vitamin in your daily regimen. Milkies by Fairhaven Health multivitamin, $16
  6. Test your milk to ensure that glass of wine has cleared your system before nursing baby again. UpSpring Milkscreen alcohol test strips, $15
  7. Keep your shirt pulled up and out of the way with a simple solution that doubles as a bracelet between sessions. NursElet nursing cuff, $12
  8. Ditch the boring black bag your pump came with, and opt for a fashionable, functional tote instead. Nurse Purse pump bag, $129
  9. Embossed channels divert milk away from your nipples, so you stay dry even when you spring a leak. Evenflo Feeding disposable nursing pads, $6
  10. Sip a certified organic tea with fennel, flax, fenugreek, licorice and peppermint to boost lactation and soothe your soul. Higher Tea nursing tea, $14

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