Seeking breastfeeding data and information for studies or research?
IsenseU can help!

Medical and statistical anonymized information and data is collected and generated by IsenseU App. Opportunity for breastfeeding big data to satisfy demand of healthcare companies/providers, consumers, insurance companies and research institutions around the world in order to fully understand the breastfeeding process.

“IsenseU brings the IOT evolution to breastfeeding for the first time!”


Proper nutrition is a major concern to parents around the world.

From the moment of conceiving through the entire pregnancy, birth and infant’s early development we check, test, review and measure every step along the way.

Modern medicine gathered ample of data regarding the growth, medical condition and status of both mothers and infants.

However, one major aspect is missing – information regarding breastfeeding.

Decade of unsuccessful trials with multiple failed promises to accurately measure infant milk intake.

Researchers and health professional are desperately seeking breastfeeding information which is not available anywhere else.

You can access the medical and statistical anonymized information and data gathered and generated by the Milk-O-Meter HERE


Pricing for anonymized Data

Our proven technology detects and analyzes your baby swallows by applying sophisticated signal and pattern recognition techniques.

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