Press Release – March 23, 2016

IsenseU Launches Innovative Device to Transform the Breastfeeding Experience

Highly anticipated device now available for purchase online

San Diego, California—March 23, 2016— IsenseU, The Smart Breastfeeding Meter is a groundbreaking wearable device and mobile application designed to measure the volume of breast milk consumed during nursing.

Featuring patented technology, IsenseU not only tracks baby’s breast milk intake, but also allows mothers to listen to the sound of their baby’s nursing swallows— greatly enhancing the bonding experience. The Smart Breastfeeding Meter has three components: the IsenseU app, earphones and a microphone embedded baby safe sensor.
Once the IsenseU earphones are connected to the smart device and the sensor is placed below the baby’s ear, the system is ready to measure breast milk intake. Mothers may breastfeed as usual while baby’s swallows are converted into trackable feeding patterns that can be followed – in real-time – on a smartphone or tablet. At the same time, mothers can listen to baby’s unique swallowing sounds recognized by lactation experts as a significant method to confirm if baby latches on and feeds correctly during nursing.
Breastfeeding is a leading contributor to infant and adulthood health (World Health Organization, Center of Disease Control). However, as recent studies have shown, nearly 50% of all mothers cited insufficient milk supply as their reason to stop breastfeeding (Journal of Pediatrics, 2013; Office of the Surgeon General, NIH, 2011).
“Breastfeeding is a significant period in a mother’s life, and we want to make this time special and beneficial,” says CEO, Dr. Osnat Emanuel. “We all know the tremendous benefits of breast milk for baby’s health and overall wellbeing. Our goal is to give mothers the peace of mind of knowing how much their baby has nursed, encouraging them to continue to breastfeed.”
IsenseU is now available to order online at


IsenseU is an innovative company whose founding team members include doctors, lactation specialists, researchers and mothers. The IsenseU team has researched ways to support breastfeeding women in order to provide mothers the peace of mind of knowing how much their child has nursed. Years of research, data collection and processing with the assistance of hundreds of mothers have led to the innovative solution now known as The Smart Breastfeeding Meter.

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