“I used IsenseU with my second child. It gave me peace of mind and the confidence to know how much my baby is nursing. The product helped me feel that I didn’t need bottles or formula, or to express. I’m going to recommend to all my friends!”

Oriane, Baby Cody’s mother

“I used IsenseU with my first child, and it was great! It gave me confidence and information about how much he was eating, and the knowledge that he was getting what he needed. Excellent product. I strongly recommend it!

Dakota, Baby Julie’s mother

“I first heard about IsenseU before I gave birth, and even then I knew this was a product I’d want to buy. After the birth, when I began nursing, I really became aware of the importance of this kind of product. I was very frustrated that I didn’t know how much the baby was really eating.

As healthy and as natural as breastfeeding is, it’s surrounded by a lot of uncertainty and confusion, and using IsenseU helped me achieve clarity. I didn’t have to wait any more for the next weighing at the baby clinic in order to know whether my nursing really was effective. IsenseU saw me through the entire process of breastfeeding, and really enriched this wonderful and connective experience for me. From my own personal experience, this is an essential product for any new mother at the beginning, especially if she’s finding breastfeeding difficult.”

Danielle, Baby Hanna’s mother

“IsenseU gives me confidence, calmness, and most of all certainty. With my first child, I breastfed exclusively, and I continually felt worried and therefore guilty with questions and concerns. Why isn’t he calm? Is he eating enough? I think that he’s not gaining weight. How much has he eaten? He’s falling asleep really quickly during feeds. Perhaps I don’t have enough milk? And it took me months to learn to silence those worries, and to be calm about my nursing technique.

And this time, I don’t have any of that. I sit down, turn on IsenseU, and start nursing. I know for sure that he’s eating ‘enough.’ I know I’m producing enough milk, and he has everything he needs. And having this certainty allows me to be calm and self-confident. I’m a good mother, and know I can relax and enjoy my baby, worry free!

I’m a calm mom today because of IsenseU. I can even sit with the other moms and talk about how many CC’s my baby is eating, and not feel left out because I’m the only one breastfeeding .”

Natalie, Baby Tom’s mother

“Before I used the device I was totally lost, and I had no idea how much my son was eating. Using the device helped me to measure the amount exactly, to work out when the next feed would be, and to be much calmer. I recommend using IsenseU during the first months (the hard months!) of breastfeeding!”

Allison, Karen’s mother

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